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This collection contains the abstracts from the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology, held in St. Charles, Missouri, January 9–12, 2019. Most files in this collection contain the abstract only.

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  1. The 2018 Discovery of "Lady Lex", the First American Aircraft Carrier Casualty (2019)
  2. 30 Years Later: Revisiting the 1733 San Pedro Underwater Archaeological Preserve and San Felipe Shipwreck Sites in the Florida Keys (2019)
  3. 3D Printing for Maritime Cultural Heritage: A Design for All Approach (2019)
  4. An Account of Ancient Stone Anchors in the Northern Shoreline of the Persian Gulf (2019)
  5. Additional Slave Settlements at Cannon’s Point Plantation (2019)
  6. Admiring the Hush Arbor: Confronting Slavery in the American South (2019)
  7. The Advice You Were Looking For: The ACUA Mentorship Program Panel Discussion (2019)
  8. African Mortuary Dreams in Alabama: A First Look at the Old Plateau/Africatown Cemetery Burial Patterns (2019)
  9. Aircraft Recovery for Education: Lessons Learned by The National Naval Aviation Museum. (2019)
  10. Amelia Earhart Versus Castaway Cobbler, The Notorious Bones Of Nikumaroro Island (2019)
  11. The American Fur Company's Industrial Fishing Experiment On Isle Royale (2019)
  12. Analysis of Ash and Slag Deposits at George Washington's Mount Vernon (2019)
  13. "And Fill It Solidly With Brushwood and Earth or Such of Them As Would Suit Him Best": 18th and 19th Century Landmaking in Alexandria, VA (2019)
  14. Anglo-Native Interactions in Context: A Discussion of "Anglo-Native Zones" at the Country’s House Site (2019)
  15. Archaeogaming: A Different Approach to Public Archaeology (2019)
  16. Archaeological Evidence of the Colonial Occupation in a House in Downtown Mexico City (2019)
  17. Archaeological Investigations at the Montgomery Site, Kenosha County, Wisconsin. (2019)
  18. Archaeological Investigations of Fort Amsterdam, Sint Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean (2019)
  19. Archaeology Non-Profits and Community Programs: The Struggle to Keep Archaeology Important in the Eyes of the Public (2019)
  20. Archaeology Of "Copper Country's" Underrepresented Communities (2019)
  21. Archaeology of 17th Century Iberian Shipwrecks: Assessment and Comparison of Excavated,Recorded and Published Hull Remains (2019)
  22. The Archaeology of Cassipora Creek: Exploratory Investigations of a 17th-Century Jewish Settlement in Suriname (2019)
  23. Archaeology, Education, and Heritage Management in Bates County, Missouri (2019)
  24. ArcheoChallenge: Incentivizing Archeological Awareness and Tourism in National Parks (2019)
  25. "Artifacts and Advertisements and Articles, Oh My": Life and Culture at the Hotel Pend d’Oreille (2019)
  26. Assessing Healthcare amid World War II Incarceration (2019)
  27. At Risk in Delaware: Nature and Culture in Conflict (2019)
  28. "Athens of the Ozarks": The Archaeology of Cane Hill College, Arkansas's First University (2019)
  29. Ballast or Just Another Rock? Using XRF to Source Basalt Cobbles from Bridgetown, Antigua (2019)
  30. Basin Harbor Wreck Field School 2018 (2019)
  31. The Battle of La Hougue, 1692: A portrait of the early French Navy of Colbert (2019)
  32. Bear’s Oil, Hair Dye, and Chemicals: Bottles from a Civil War Photograph Gallery, Camp Nelson, KY (2019)
  33. Beginning a Career in Public Archaeology. (2019)
  34. Beyond Data Collection and Hands-On Experience: The Importance and Effects of Engaging Students in Archaeological Research (2019)
  35. Biology of a Shipwreck: Dendrogyra Cylindrus on the 1724 Guadalupe Underwater Archaeological Preserve (2019)
  36. Black Lives Matter: The Fight Against Intersectional Operations of Oppression Within Historical Archaeology (2019)
  37. The Boomerang: Archaeological and Historical Investigations of a Missouri CCC Camp (2019)
  38. Bottles to Bankruptcy: The Failure of Eagle Glass Works, 1845–1849 (2019)
  39. Breaking the Surface: 2018 Recovery of the Wooden Schooner Barge Adriatic (2019)
  40. Bulow Plantation and Fort Bulowville: Considering the Pompeii Premise in Plantation and Conflict Archaeology (2019)
  41. Calculating the Probability of Local Coarse Earthenware Manufacture at the 17th Century Coan Hall Site Utilizing pXRF Analysis (2019)
  42. Carceral Islands in Latin America: Comparing the Galapagos to Other Sites of Frontier Criminal Exile (2019)
  43. Cats and Dogs in Late 18th Century Philadelphia Society (2019)
  44. Centering the Margins of "History": Reading Material Narratives of Identity Along the Edges of the Colonial Southeast (ca. 1650-1720) (2019)
  45. Ceramics and Socioeconomic Status: Insights from Janis-Ziegler Site (23SG272), Ste. Genevieve, Missouri (2019)
  46. Ceremonial Landscapes in the Middle Chesapeake (2019)
  47. Challenges and Opportunities for the Heritage at Risk Community (2019)
  48. Changing Times, Changing Tastes: A Comparison of 18th and 19th Century Consumption Patterns at James Madison's Montpelier (2019)
  49. Charles Orser and his Contributions to the Brazilian Historical Archaeology (2019)
  50. The Chico Chinese: A Story of Chinese Exclusion (2019)
  51. Chuck’s Stomping Grounds and Historical Archaeology’s Haunts: Or, How Charles Orser’s Work Haunts Me (2019)
  52. Cleaning Up "A Blot On Civilization": Examining Archaeological Evidence Of The Medical And Scientific Regulation Of Midwifery During The Progressive Era (2019)
  53. The Columbia St. Cemetery Project: A Forgotten Cemetery in Downtown Springfield, Ohio (2019)
  54. Coming in with a Tide, Going out with a Forklift: The Spring Break Shipwreck Project (2019)
  55. Commodification, Taskscapes, And The Alienation From Landscape At The Biry House In Castroville, Texas (2019)
  56. Community Involvement in the Management of Submerged Cultural Resources on Lake Champlain (2019)
  57. Complicating Dichotomies of Grief and Blame: Examining the Heritage of Stalinist Repression (2019)
  58. A Conflict of Values: Bridging the Gap Between Collectors and Professionals (2019)
  59. Connecting Rivers, Sea, & Land: Panhandle Maritime National Heritage Area (2019)
  60. Connecting Working Class History with Working Class Culture: Activist Archaeology in the Portland Neighborhood (2019)
  61. Constructing National Belonging After the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan: a Case Study of Delhi’s Refugee Resettlement Housing (2019)
  62. Constructing the Military Revolution (2019)
  63. Construction of the CityPlace Schooner (2019)
  64. Contextualizing Confederate Monuments in the South: How to Talk About Scary Things (2019)
  65. Copper On The Borderlands Of New Spain...It's Complicated (2019)
  66. The Cornplanter Grant: Listing Pennsylvania’s First Native American Traditional Cultural Property (2019)
  67. Crafting the Nomination for the Cornplanter Grant TCP, Warren County, Pennsylvania (2019)
  68. "Cures after Doctors Fail": A Four-Field Approach to Medicated Pain Relief in Early 20th Century America (2019)
  69. A database for the underwater cultural heritage of Portugal (2019)
  70. Days of Ore: Underwater Archaeological Investigations of Freedom Iron Mine, Captain C.T. Roberts' Wet Prospect (2019)
  71. Dead Bodies & the Politics of Memory: Bioarchaeology at the UWI Mona and the Decolonization of Heritage (2019)
  72. The Delfosse-Allard Site: A Middle Historic Occupation in the Potawatomi Refuge on Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula (2019)
  73. Determining German Ethnic Identity in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri: Study of the Janis-Ziegler Site (23G272) (2019)
  74. The Devil’s Belt: Visualizing Nineteenth Century Shipping Losses off the Coast of Rhode Island (2019)
  75. DIG! Goes to College: Experiential Learning in the College Classroom (2019)
  76. DIG! on Summer Vacation: Experiential Learning On-Site at Colonial Williamsburg (2019)
  77. Digging Beantown: Uncovering Community Identity Through Public Archaeology in Boston (2019)
  78. Digging Deeper: Engaging High School Students with Working Class Heritage in Northeastern Pennsylvania (2019)
  79. Digging In: Documenting, Preserving, and Accessing Fort Ticonderoga’s Archaeological Collection (2019)
  80. Digging Into French Colonial St. Louis (2019)
  81. Digging into the Collections: Mining Repositories for New Research Potential (2019)
  82. Digital Exhibits without the Developer: Technological Tools for Museum Outreach (2019)
  83. Dividing Lines: Understanding the Social Spaces of Boundaries at James Madison’s Montpelier (2019)
  84. Documenting Historic Land Use of the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery on the Milwaukee County Institution Grounds, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (2019)
  85. Documenting Historic Shipwrecks in the 21st Century: Using New and Old Data to Support Monitoring of the 1733 San Pedro and San Felipe (2019)
  86. Dog 6: The Life and Death of A Good Boy in Eighteenth-Century Virginia (2019)
  87. "Dying Like Sheep There": Racial Ideology and Concepts of Health at a Camp of Instruction for the U.S. Colored Troops in Charles County, Maryland (2019)
  88. Echoes of Memory: Ground-Truthing a Cemetery Geophysical Survey and Reclaiming a Forgotten Burial Ground of Mount Vernon’s Enslaved Community. (2019)
  89. Ecological Change at James Madison's Montpelier (2019)
  90. Educating The Public About Archeological Excavations (2019)
  91. Effectiveness of Iron Artifact Treatments on Square Nails from the Montgomery Site, Kenosha County, Wisconsin (2019)
  92. Encounters in the East African Bush: Game Trophies, African Hunting and the (Neo)Colonial Appropriation of Heritage (2019)
  93. Engaging Communities in Archaeology on Private Property in Urban Neighborhoods: The Search for the First (1825-1829) Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington (2019)
  94. Engineering a waterfront: Bulkhead, cribbing, and grillage construction in Alexandria (2019)
  95. Ephemeral Urban Structures and the Archaeology of Homelessness (2019)
  96. Erasing Lines of Class and Color in Storyville(s), New Orleans (2019)
  97. Establishing Community: Post-Civil War Placemaking in Rural Tennessee (2019)
  98. Estate Bellevue: A Study of a Small-Scale Caribbean Cotton Plantation (2019)
  99. Evidence of Frontier Commerce Along the Mississippi River in Eastern Missouri and Western Illinois (2019)
  100. Experiencing Fort Recovery, Ohio: Balancing Descendent Views in Historic Site Interpretation (2019)