Developing Perspectives on Tonto Basin Prehistory


This monograph is a collection of papers presented at the 1991 Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, New Orleans.

These papers present preliminary results after two years of work on the eight year mitigation program investigating Salado Platform Mound Villages in the Tonto Basin, Arizona. Each paper constitutes an individual chapter. They include:

1. Introduction

2. Pursuing Southwestern Social Complexity in the 1990s

3. Modeling the Development of Complexity in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona

4. Factors Affecting Prehistoric Salado Irrigation in the Tonto Basin

5. Centralized Storage: Evidence from a Salado Platform Mound

6. Increasing Ceremonial Secrecy at a Salado Platform Mound

7. Patterns of Production and Distribution of Salado Wares as a Measure of Complexity

8. The Inference of Social Complexity from Distributions of Exotic Artifacts in the Tonto Basin

9. Artiodactyl Exploitation by Prehistoric Horticulturalists in the Roosevelt Lake Area, Arizona

10. Issues and Challenges in the Design of a Computerized Database

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Developing Perspectives on Tonto Basin Prehistory, 26. Charles L. Redman, Glen E. Rice, Kathryn E. Pedrick. Roosevelt Monograph Series, Anthropological Field Studies ,2. Tempe, AZ: Arizona State University (ASU). 1992 ( tDAR id: 405881) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8P55QD3


Hohokam Salado

Adobe Amethyst Argillite Artiodactyl Azurite Basketry Bone Building Materials Ceramic Chipped Stone Cobble Conch Conus sp. Corn Fauna Gila Polychrome Ware Glass Ground Stone Haliotis sp. Lagomorph Large Mammal Malachite Mineral Obsidian Pectin sp. Pollen Polychrome Ware Redware Salado Redware Shell Spondylus sp. Squash St. Johns Polychrome Ware Strombus sp. Turquoise Show More

Site Name
75 Dollar Site AR 03-12-06-1011 AR 03-12-06-1015 AR 03-12-06-132 AR 03-12-06-13a AR 03-12-06-14b AR 03-12-06-15a AR 03-12-06-177 AR 03-12-06-296a AR 03-12-06-700 AR 03-12-06-758 AR 03-12-06-763 AR 03-12-06-770 AR 03-12-06-995 AR 03-12-06-997 AR 03-12-06-999 Armer Ruin Bourke's Teocalli Cline Terrace Dune Site Horse Pasture Meddler Point Oak Creek Site Pillar Site Pinto Point Porter Spring Rock Island Schoolhouse Schoolhouse Mound Schoolhouse Point Schoolhouse Point Mound U:3:126 U:3:133 U:3:140 U:4:10 U:4:33 U:6:450 U:8:23 U:8:24 U:8:24 (ASM) V:5:112 V:5:119 V:5:121 V:5:128 V:5:130 V:5:66 V:5:68 V:5:76 V:5:76 (ASM) VIV Ruin Show More

Site Type
Activity Area Adobe Pillar Adobe Wall Ancient Structure Archaeological Feature Cobble Pillar Cobble Wall Compound Compound Wall Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Granary Hearth Masonry Room Midden Pedestal Pillar Pit Pit House Pit House / Earth Lodge Platform Mound Post Hole Post Hole / Post Mold Pueblo Roasting Pit Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Pedestal Room Room Block / Compound / Pueblo Structure Trash Midden Trash Mound Wall Show More

Investigation Types
Archaeological Overview Data Recovery / Excavation Methodology, Theory, or Synthesis

Anvil Awl Axe Ball Bone (Animal) Bone (Artiodactyl) Bone (Lagomorph) Bone (Large Mammal) Bone Awl Bowl Central Arizona Project Ceramic Analysis Community Development Study Conch Trumpet Cranial Bone (Artiodactyl) Cranial Bone (Large Mammal) Database Management Femur (Artiodactyl) Femur (Large Mammal) Figurine Haliotis Debitage Humerus (Artiodactyl) Innominate (Artiodactyl) Innominate (Large Mammal) Irrigation Knife Lumbar Vertebra (Large Mammal) Metapodial (Artiodactyl) Metapodial (Large Mammal) Ornament Phalange (Artiodactyl) Phalange (Large Mammal) Pigment Polishing Stone Pollen (Corn) Pollen (Squash) Polychrome Bowl Power Projectile Point Radius (Artiodactyl) Rib (Artiodactyl) Rib (Large Mammal) Roosevelt Archaeology Project Roosevelt Platform Mound Study Rural Sites Study Scapula (Artiodactyl) Scapula (Large Mammal) Secrecy Shaft (Large Mammal) Shell Debitage Shell Trumpet Social Complexity Spindle Whorl Sternabrae (Artiodactyl) Stone Ball Stone Ornament Storage Subsistence Tabular Knife Tibia (Artiodactyl) Tinkler Tooth (Artiodactyl) Tooth (Large Mammal) Trumpet Ulna (Large Mammal) Vertebra (Artiodactyl) Vertebra (Large Mammal) Vertebral Pad (Artiodactyl) Vertebral Pad (Large Mammal) Worked Bone Worked Haliotis Worked Shell Show More

Geographic Keywords
Arizona (State / Territory) Park Creek Phoenix, AZ Roosevelt Lake Salt River Salt Valley Sonoran Desert Theodore Roosevelt Dam Tonto Basin Tonto Creek Tonto National Forest

Temporal Keywords
Classic Period Gila Phase Prehistoric Roosevelt Phase

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.262; min lat: 33.607 ; max long: -110.928; max lat: 33.793 ;

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Contact(s): Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Contributor(s): James H. Burton; Judi L. Cameron; Mary S. Carroll; Carol A. Grffith; David F. Jacobs; Keith W. Kintigh; Jean-Christophe Komorowski; Owen Lindauer; Peter H. McCartney; Arleyn W. Simon; J. Scott Wood; Kim S. Savage; Brenda L. Shears; Tom Lincoln; Chula Eslamieh; Margaret Lietz

Landowner(s): U. S. Forest Service

Sponsor(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation

Prepared By(s): Arizona State University (ASU)

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