An Evaluation of Historic Cultural Resources in Relation to the Central Arizona Water Control Study

Author(s): Lyle M. Stone; James E. Ayres

Year: 1984


This is a final, summary report on historic cultural resources in relation to the Central Arizona Water Control Study (CAWCS). The objectives of the CAWCS were to identify and evaluate alternative measures for flood control and regulatory water storage in Central Arizona in conjunction with construction of the Central Arizona Project. Having considered numerous alternative plans to meet these objectives, the Bureau of Reclamation defined a preferred alternative (Plan 6, the agency-proposed action). Historic sites at Plan 6 feature locations (Roosevelt Dam, Cliff Dam, Stewart Mountain Dam, and Waddell Dam) were subjected to a more detailed evaluation of effects. This report describes the study process, presents data on both Plan 6 and other CAWCS-identified historic sites (totaling 247 sites, 228 of which were considered to be of potential National Register of Historic Places quality), presents National Historic Preservation Act compliance documentation, including National Register eligibility determination documentation, and a proposed plan and level of effort for the preservation treatment of historic areas which will be adversely affected.

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An Evaluation of Historic Cultural Resources in Relation to the Central Arizona Water Control Study, 14. Lyle M. Stone, James E. Ayres. 1984 ( tDAR id: 410800) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8410800

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Salt River Project Catalog No.(s): 52036 52037

Report No.(s): DI-BR-APO-CCRS84-5

SRP Library Call No.(s): 3A.306 CAT 52036 52037

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ARS Report No.(s): 84-14

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