A Class I Cultural Resources Inventory for the Pinal West to Southeast Valley/Browning 500 kV Project, Pinal and Maricopa Counties, Arizona

Author(s): Cherie K. Walth

Year: 2004


Greystone Environmental Consultants, Inc., on behalf of Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District (SRP), has developed this Class I Cultural Resources Inventory for the Pinal West to Southeast Valley/Browning 500 kV Project (Project) as part of the Certificate of Environmental Compatibility (CEC) Application. SRP contracted with Greystone Environmental Consultants, Inc. (Greystone) to complete the Class I report.

The Project includes the construction of one single circuit 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission line in Pinal County, originating at the recently permitted Pinal West Substation near the Maricopa and Pinal County line southwest of the City of Maricopa and terminating at the proposed Southeast Valley (SEV) 500/230 kV Substation, which also includes the co-location of a proposed SRP RS-22 230/69 kV Substation, to be located in northeastern Pinal County. Generally, this proposed 500 kV line from Pinal West to the Browning Substation, and intermediate proposed substations, are identified as the Project.

A Preferred Alignment is being proposed for the entire length of the Project. Preferred Alignment Alternatives include the Santa Cruz Wash, Eleven Mile Comer Road, and Attaway Road.

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A Class I Cultural Resources Inventory for the Pinal West to Southeast Valley/Browning 500 kV Project, Pinal and Maricopa Counties, Arizona. Cherie K. Walth. 2004 ( tDAR id: 427936) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8427936

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