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  1. 19th Century Clay Pipes from Jacksonport State Park, Arkansas (2018)
  2. America’s ‘Haven of Health’: Health and Recreation at Turn of the Century Excelsior Springs, Missouri (2018)
  3. An Anchor in the Mesa Top: Reexamining Who Settled the West (2018)
  4. Archaeological Survey of Tennessee's Rosenwald Schools (2018)
  5. Archaeology of the American Southwest: Comparing the Mythology of the Frontier with Daily Life in Fort Davis, Texas (2018)
  6. Boca, California- House On The Hill Project: Results of 2016 Field Survey (2018)
  7. Bottles at the Biry House: Consumption and Economic Choice in a Texas-Alsatian Household (2018)
  8. Civil War On The Rio Grande: Examples Of Blockade-Runners From Vera Cruz To Galveston (2018)
  9. The Conservation of Wooden Hoops from Emanuel Point II (2018)
  10. Coopers, Peddlers, and Bricklayers: Stories of a Working-Class Property through Public Archaeology in Washington, DC (2018)
  11. Creating a Research Community at Mission San Jose in Fremont, California (2018)
  12. Death in Texas: Burials Patterns Within the Campo Santo of San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio (2018)
  13. Decolonizing the Practice of Archaeology through Collaboration and Community Engagement: Successes, Failures, and Lessons Learned (2018)
  14. Discovering Leetown: A Small Hamlet’s Role in the Battle of Pea Ridge and Beyond. (2018)
  15. DNA from Hagley Plantation cemetery reveals ancestral origins of South Carolina slaves (2018)
  16. Evolving Tools for Public Maritime Archaeology: From Photoshop to Photogrammetry in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (2018)
  17. Examining Child Mortality in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Northern Idaho (2018)
  18. Exploring the Indigenous Experience of Saipan in World War II (2018)
  19. A False Sense Of Status?: The Ceramic And Glass Wares Of Lower Working Class Irish In The City Of Detroit During Rapid Industrialization (2018)
  20. Finding a Path Through the Trees: Using Multiple Lines of Evidence to Understand the Association of Culturally Modified Trees and the Community in Steilacoom, Washington (2018)
  21. Finding Lulu and Annie: A Cold Case (2018)
  22. Food on the Frontier: Faunal Analysis from a Texas-Alsatian Homestead in Castroville, Texas (2018)
  23. Footwear on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, North Carolina Shipwreck 31CR314. (2018)
  24. The Fresh Air Association House of St. John the Divine Historic and Archaeological District (the Fresh Air District), Tomkins Cove, New York (2018)
  25. Geophysical Survey and Phase II Archaeological Evaluations of Site 46KA681, Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia (2018)
  26. Going Ballistic: A Firearms Analysis of Florida’s Natural Bridge (2018)
  27. Governmental Opportunities for Preserving Heritage Resources (2018)
  28. The Gunflints of St. Charles: A General Analysis of Their Characteristics (2018)
  29. Healing Waters: Recreating and Contextualizing the Turn of the Century Site of Regent Spring in Excelsior Springs, Missouri (2018)
  30. High Place at the Water’s Edge: A Coastal Vulnerability Assessment of the Kiskiak Landscape (2018)
  31. Homestead-Era (ca. 1887-1942) Subsistence on the Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico (2018)
  32. A Hundred Bottles of Beer in the Ground: Excavating Detroit’s Historic Local Beer Industry from Artifacts of Working-Class Households in Roosevelt Park, Corktown Neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. (2018)
  33. I Forge On: Walkability and Experiencing Early 20th Century Urban Life Through Spokane's Expert Smithy (2018)
  34. Identifying Landscape Modifications at the South End Plantation (1849-1861), Ossabaw Island, Georgia (2018)
  35. It's All Fun And Gaming Pieces: An Exploration of Gaming Pieces From Colonial St. Augustine (2018)
  36. Memorials of the old churchyard in Tyrnävä (2018)
  37. Mill Communities and Social Networks in the Early-Modern Finland (2018)
  38. New Light on Historic Fort Wayne, Detroit: The Springwells Neighborhood and the War of 1812 (2018)
  39. Paris-Cayenne: Ceramic Availability and Use within the Plantation Context in French Guiana (2018)
  40. Persistent Places in Landscapes of Dispersal: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Investigations at Queen Esther’s Town Preserve, Athens, PA (2018)
  41. Plans without Plants? – The Early Modern Status Garden in the North (2018)
  42. The politics of landscape depiction in the Finnish WWII army photographs (2018)
  43. A Preliminary Analysis of Lead Sheathing and Waterproofing Evidence from Queen Anne's Revenge (1718) (2018)
  44. Propelling Change: A Statistical Analysis of the Evolution of Great Lakes Passenger Freight Propeller Vessels (2018)
  45. Public History at Appomattox: A Broadened Perspective (2018)
  46. Reading Between The Iron Lines: An Analysis Of Cannon Arrangement On Caribbean Shipwrecks (2018)
  47. The Red Light Life Of The Bandemer’s Hotel In Detroit, Michigan (2018)
  48. Reforming the Collection: Documentation, Fieldwork, and the NAGPRA Process at SUNY Oswego (2018)
  49. Reinterpreting a Nineteenth Century Dairy Agricultural Landscape (2018)
  50. Remaking Archaeology: Assessing Impacts of Collaborative Indigenous Methodologies on Mohegan Archaeology (2018)
  51. The Repatriation of Artifacts to Storm, an 18th Century Shipwreck (2018)
  52. The Rhode Island Archaeological and Historical Geographic Information System (GIS) Development Project (2018)
  53. Settlement and Industry in the Wild West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (2018)
  54. Shooting the Past: Colonial and Revolutionary War Firearms Live Fire Experiments and Spherical Ball Performance (2018)
  55. Smoke is in the Air: Tobacco and Traditional Plant Use in 19th Century Plantation Life (2018)
  56. Solvitur Ambulando: Geophysical Surveys at Mission San Antonio de Padua, California (2018)
  57. Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks: New Technology for Heritage Conservation (2018)
  58. Texan Toys: Children's Playthings as Potential Indicators of Socioeconomic Status at a Texas-Alsatian Homestead in Castroville, TX (2018)
  59. Time Pieces: The Use of Historic Maps in Transportation Archaeology (2018)
  60. Unusual Can Types from the Cortez Mining District, Nevada (2018)
  61. Wearisome Work: Mapping Labor Routines at a Small-Scale Gold Mill (2018)
  62. Writing, Sewing, Eating: Faunal Analysis of a post-Emancipation School for Girls in Montserrat, West Indies (2018)
  63. "Yes, Sir. All Was in Arms:" An Account of the Small Arms Discovered on the Wreck of Queen Anne’s Revenge (1718) (2018)
  64. You Don’t Find Jack: Archaeological Investigations at Two Rural, Nineteenth Century Midwest School Houses (2018)
  65. Zooarchaeology and the Siege of Fort Stanwix: Reconstructing an American Revolution Landscape (2018)