The Bartlett Dam Project: Archaeological Test Excavations at Fourteen Sites in the Lower Verde Valley, Maricopa County, Arizona


This report documents the results of a testing program completed by SWCA, Inc. Environmental Consultants in August of 1990 in anticipation of the modification of Bartlett Dam. Modifications to the dam were planned as part of the Central Arizona Project's Regulatory Storage Division (Plan 6) and the Safety of Dams Project.

During the month of April, 1990, archaeologists from Northland Research, Inc. conducted an archaeological survey of approximately 929 acres located on the Lower Verde River in the Tonto National Forest, immediately south and west of Bartlett Dam. In consultation with the State Historic Preservation Officer, the Bureau of Reclamation determined that 14 of the 17 sites identified required archaeological testing to determine eligibility for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

At the request of the Bureau of Reclamation, SWCA conducted an archaeological testing program at these sites from August 8-September 8, 1990. The purpose of this testing program was to determine the presence or absence of significant subsurface deposits as they relate to the National Register criteria. This report documents the nature and results of the archaeological testing conducted at these 14 sites, one of which includes two distinct loci.

The testing program conducted at the 14 sites has determined that eight of them--AZ U:2:106/ 01-316, AZ U:2:107 / 01-318, AZ U:2:108/ 01-702, AZ U:2:95/ 01-1134, AZ U:2:98/ 01-1136, AZ U:2:101 / 01 - 1156, AZ U:2:102/ 01 1140, and AZ U:2:103/ 01-1141--contain significant subsurface cultural deposits that make them eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. These eight sites will require additional data-recovery studies to adequately document the remains, if the sites are to be impacted.

Six sites--AZ U:2:142/ 01-317, Loci 39 and 40, AZ U:2:99/ 01-1137, AZ U:2: 100/ 01-1138, AZ U:2:104/ 01-1142, AZ U:2:96/ 01-1135, and AZ U:2:105 / 01-1143 --were all found to contain no significant subsurface deposits. These sites are not eligible for National Register listing and their information potential is thought to have been exhausted as a result of this testing program. Therefore, SWCA recommends that archaeological clearance be granted for these sites.

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The Bartlett Dam Project: Archaeological Test Excavations at Fourteen Sites in the Lower Verde Valley, Maricopa County, Arizona, 6. Gregory R. Seymour, Mark Slaughter, WIlliam L. Deaver, Richard V. N. Ahlstrom. SWCA Archaeological Report ,91. Tucson, AZ: SWCA Environmental Consultants. 1991 ( tDAR id: 77221) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8GM896N

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04013 (Fips Code) Arizona (State / Territory) Bartlett Dam Bartlett Reservoir Cave Creek, AZ lower Verde River Lower Verde River Valley Maricopa (County) Tonto National Forest Verde River

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Colonial Period Historic Pioneer Period Prehistoric Sedentary Period

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.665; min lat: 33.8 ; max long: -111.631; max lat: 33.828 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Contributor(s): Jennifer Strand; Arthur W. Vokes; Jo Ann Miller; Lee Yazzie Black; Dave Purcell; Eric Chambers; David Doak; Charles Sternberg; Faryl Parson; John C. Davis

Field Director(s): Mark Slaughter

Principal Investigator(s): Richard V. N. Ahlstrom

Project Director(s): R. Thomas Euler

Landowner(s): U. S. Forest Service

Prepared By(s): SWCA Environmental Consultants

Submitted To(s): Bureau of Reclamation

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NADB Citation ID No.(s): 000000167965

BOR Contract No.(s): 9-CS-32-00600, Task 10

NADB Document ID No.(s): 2203863


General Note: The copy of this document from which the NADB citation was made is located at the Bureau of Reclamation, Box 25007, Denver CO 80255.

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