US Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) conducts and/or funds archaeological investigations for water-control projects that it undertakes or supports and in order to preserve, protect, and interpret archaeological and other cultural resources on the lands that it manages. This tDAR collection includes documents, images, data sets, and other kinds of information from archaeological and other cultural resource investigations. The data and information is organized by project and overall by the USACE district within which the work occurred. These districts typically are also where physical collections from such investigations are curated and managed.

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1GR2 Craigs Landing Site N.D. American Telephone and Telegraph Cable Relocation 1979 Arbitrary Collections at Bluestone Reservoir Archaeological Assessment of Huntington Reservoir 1982-1983 Archaeological Data Recovery from 22LA545, Lafayette County, Mississippi Archaeological Excavations for the Jenkins House Site (46CB41) 2002-2003 Archaeological Excavations in the Round Bottom Area 1973-1975 Archaeological Field Reconnaissance and Intensive Assessment at State Recreation Areas 1979 Archaeological Field Reconnaissance at Dora-New Holland Recreation Area 1979 Archaeological Field Reconnaissance at Miami County Recreation Area 1979 Archaeological Field Reconnaissance Brookville Reservoir Waterfowl Marsh 1980 Archaeological Field Reconnaissance Mississinewa Reservoir Force Main 1979 Archaeological Field Reconnaissance Quakertown Recreation Area 1980 Archaeological Field Reconnaissance Salamonie Reservoir Visitor’s Center 1980 Archaeological Field Reconnaissance Salamonie Reservoir Wildlife Ponds 1979 Archaeological Intensive Assessment of Huntington Municipal Airport (12HU1068) 1993 Archaeological Investigation of Fort Norfolk (44NR1) 1977 Archaeological Investigation of Site 46SU633 1997 Archaeological Investigations at Indian Cove (9LC24) 1985 Archaeological Reconnaissance of the Huntington Wastewater Treatment Plant 1977 Archaeological Recovery and Analysis of an Indian Dugout Canoe (Site 22 WS 776) Discovered in the Bank of Steele Bayou Swan Lake Washington County Mississippi Archaeological Survey and Test Excavations in the Burnsville Reservoir 1971-1975 Archaeological Survey of 3040 Acres at Strom Thurmond Lake 1997-1999 Archaeological Survey of Beech Fork Lake 1973-1975 Archaeological Survey of Borrow Areas and Haul Roads 1979 Archaeological Survey of East Lynn Reservoir 1964-1965 Archaeological Survey of the Huntington Lake Shoreline 1983 Artifact Collections in Tishomingo County October 1978 Askew Refuge Reforestation Banister Allen Plantation (38AB102) and Clinkscales Farm (38AB221) Data Recovery 1977-1986 Barbour County (Multiple) Arbitrary 1968-1979 and N.D. Investigations Beaverdam Creek Mound and Village 1980 Beaverdam Group 1980 Big Bangs and Little Bangs Mounds (12HU25 and 12HU26) 1964 Big Sandy River Basin Navigation Study 1978 Blackmon (1BR25) 1983 and N.D. Blackwell Bridge Relocation 1982 Blue Springs Lake Project 1983-1985 Boat Ramp #1 Site (12MO314) 1987 Breeden Site (12HR11) 1966 Brookville Lake N.D. Brookville Reservoir Survey 1991-1992 Buford Reservoir Sites 1951-1955 Burnsville Surface Collection (46BX23) N.D. Cemochechobee Cemochechobee Archaeological Investigations at the Walter F. George Dam Mound Site (9CLA62) 1977-1979 Chapman and Lockman Arbitrary Collection N.D. Chapman and Lockman Archaeological Investigations 1979 Clarks Hill Survey of 30 Tracts 1983 Clifty Creek 1969 Clifty Creek Human Skeletal Remains N.D. Clifty Creek Reservoir Area 1973-1974 Coal River Basin Channel Rehabilitation Study 1974 Coffey Site 1970-1975 Confiscated Shoreline Collection from Strom Thurmond Lake 2001 Cooper Lake 1970 Coosa River Photographs 1880 Coosa River Profile 1915 Corps of Engineers Salvage Projects 1969-1982 Cultural Resources Reconnaissance of the Eastern Cabell County Wastewater Treatment Facility Area 1977-1981 Cultural Resources Reconnaissance of the Island Creek Basin 1979-1985 Cultural Resources Survey of Proposed Pennsylvania Route 166 Bridge 1993 Cutright #2 Site (12MO173) 1987 Data Recovery at the Milner (22YZ515) and O'Neil Creek (22YZ624) Sites Yazoo County Mississippi Demonstration Erosion Control Six Watersheds Phase I/II Di-Lane Plantation Survey 1993-1996 Divide Cut Section Archaeological Testing And Data Recovery I 1976-1978 Divide-Cut Section Archaeological Survey 1974-1976 Elbert County Group 1982 Elbert County Road Relocations 1979 Eroding Burials of Site 46SU3 2012 Fairfax South Site (12MO346) 1987 Field School at Sites 12G9 and 12G10 1975-1976 Field School at Sites 12WB90 and 12WB120 1981-1984 Field School at the Biface III Site (12MI18) 1981-1982 Field School at the Conner Mill Site (12G57) 1983-1984 Field School at the Troyer Site (12WB116) 1975-1976 Fishing Lure Vessel (Accession # AL83.31) N.D. Final Flintlock Burial N.D. Florence Site (9SW124) 1988-1990 Four Disposal Areas, Three Water-Control Structures and a Portion of the Tallahatchie River Franklin County Mounds State Recreation Area 1977 FY 92 Timber Sales Georgia Pacific (Thompson-Town) Tracts Survey 1994 Georgia State Road Relocations 1979 Grandview Area 1978 Greenville Urban Protection Project Gregg Shoals (9EB259) and Clyde Gulley (9EB387) 1980-1984 Harry S. Truman Reservoir 1961-1993 Empty Bags Harry S. Truman Reservoir Excess Tracts Survey 1987 Hartwell and Thurmond Lakes Excess Tracts 1989 Highway 72 and County Road Relocation 1979 Honey Creek Area 1978 Huntington County N.D. Huntington County Test Excavations 1963 Huntington Reservoir Area Appraisal 1963-1964 Huntington Reservoir Maps N.D. Indian Hill Donation 1956 Indun Rockshelter (12MO350) 1978 Intensive Survey of the Proposed Richard B. Russell Dam and Lake Project 1978-1979