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  1. The 18th Century Shipbuilding French Industry : New Perspective on Conception and Construction (2016)
  2. 19th-Century Innovation at a 21st-Century Industrial Park: Archaeological Investigations at the Valentine and Company Iron Ore Washing Plant, Centre County, Pennsylvania (2016)
  3. An Adaptive Legacy: Repurposing Lighthouses from Navigational Aids to Heritage Tourism Destinations in North Carolina (2016)
  4. America Loses a Star and Stripe. The First Full-Scale Battle of the Southern Winter Campaign of 1778-1779, the Battle of Brier Creek, Georgia. (2016)
  5. Analysis of Mollusks from the Slave Village at Betty’s Hope, Antigua, British West Indies (2016)
  6. Anchors Through History: The Case of Lagos, Portugal. (2016)
  7. Archaeological Considerations In The Study Of The Anthropocene (2016)
  8. An Archaeological Exploration of St. Joseph’s College, the First Catholic Boarding School for Boys within the Oregon Territory (2016)
  9. The Archaeological Potential Of The Rio Grande Valley Civil War Trail (2016)
  10. Archaeology at Paoli Battlefield: Expanding the Interpretations of Conflict (2016)
  11. Archaeology in a Revolutionary Town: Multi-Temporal Heritage Narratives at the McGrath Farm, Concord, Massachusetts (2016)
  12. Archaeology in San Antonio: An Auspicious Paradigm for the Protection of Cultural Resources (2016)
  13. The Archaeology of an Early Resource-Extraction Industry: The Cod Fishery, 1600-1713 (2016)
  14. The Archaeology of Cowboy Island: The Santa Rosa Historic Archaeology Project (SRHAP) (2016)
  15. The Archaeology of Enslaved Labor: Identifying Work and Domestic Spaces in the South Yard (2016)
  16. An Archaeology of Homeplace at the Parting Ways, an African-American Settlement in Plymouth, Massachusetts (2016)
  17. Archaeology of Pierre Metoyer’s 18th-Century French Colonial Plantation Site, Natchitoches, Louisiana (2016)
  18. Arctic Steam: HMS Pioneer and the Technology of the Search for Franklin (2016)
  19. Artifact Revelations on the Guthrie Homestead (2016)
  20. The Ash Grove Meaathouse: Public Archaeology and Preservation at a Fairfax Family Property (2016)
  21. Asking New Questions of Old Collections, The Future of Curated Assemblages. (2016)
  22. Balancing with Guns: Establishing an Integrated Conservation Priority for Artillery from Site 31CR314, Queen Anne’s Revenge (1718) (2016)
  23. Beyond the Walls: An Examination of Michilimackinac's Extramural Settlement (2016)
  24. Building a New Ontology for Historical Archaeology Using the Digital Index of North American Archaeology (2016)
  25. Bunker Hill Farm, Camp Michaux: From Farmhouse to Bathhouse (2016)
  26. Buttoning Up at the Biry House A Study of Clothing Fasteners of a Descendant Alsatian Household (2016)
  27. Can Economic Concepts Be Used To More Effectively Raise Awareness And Value Of Underwater Cultural Heritage? (2016)
  28. Champagne and Angostura Bitters: Entertaining at a Galapagos Sugar Plantation, 1880-1904 (2016)
  29. A Chinese Coin and Flaked Glass: The Unrecorded History of Smith Cove (2016)
  30. A Civil War Battlefield: Conflict Archaeology at Natural Bridge, Florida (2016)
  31. Closing the Loop: The Civil War Battle of Honey Springs, Creek Nation, 1863 (2016)
  32. Clusters of Beads: Testing for Time on the Carolina Frontier c.1680-1734 (2016)
  33. Community Networks at the Stanford Arboretum Chinese Workers’ Quarters (2016)
  34. The Community of Chase Home: Institutional and Material Components of Children’s Lived Spaces in Victorian Portsmouth (2016)
  35. Comparative Analysis Of Waterscreening Soil From A French Colonial Living Floor In St. Charles, Missouri (2016)
  36. Comparative Archaeological Analysis of Ship Rigging During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (2016)
  37. A Comparative Examination of the Dietary Practices of British and French Occupants of New France. (2016)
  38. Conducting an Archaeological Survey Across a Country: the Trials and Triumphs of the Nicaragua Canal Archaeological Baseline Project (2016)
  39. Confronting Uncomfortable Pasts: Gender and Domestic Violence in Pennsylvania Company Towns, 1850 to Present (2016)
  40. Convicts, Cargo, and Calamity: The Wreck of the Enchantress (2016)
  41. Corrosion Monitoring and Preservation in Situ of Large Iron Artifacts at the Queen Anne’s Revenge Shipwreck site (2016)
  42. Crime and Criminality in 18th Century Virginia (2016)
  43. Current Interpretations at the "Cemetery" Site at Old Colchester Park and Preserve (2016)
  44. The Dardenne Presbyterian Church Archaeological Project (2016)
  46. Dentistry as Social Discourse: Aspects of Oral Health and Consumer Choice using a Bioarchaeological Perspective (2016)
  47. A Diamond Trowel: Minecrafting Archaeology at Fort St. Joseph (2016)
  48. Digital Historic Preservation: Recording and Interpreting the Patterson-Altman’s Mill with 3-D Scanning (2016)
  49. Directions in Deepwater Marine Archaeology: Using Technology to Grow and Synthesize Knowledge on the Deep Frontier. (2016)
  50. Discovery and future of the lost fleet of the Mongol Empire (2016)
  51. Diving In The Desert: A First Look At The Underwater Archaeology Of Walker Lake (2016)
  52. Diving into the PAST: Developing a Public Engagement Program for Pensacola’s Emanuel Point Shipwrecks (2016)
  53. Diving into the Past: The Corsair at Crystal Cove State Marine Conservation Area (2016)
  54. Documenting Subfloor Pits in a Slave Cabin at the Bulow Plantation (1821-1836), Flagler County, Florida (2016)
  55. The Duality of Maize: Lessons in a Contextual Archaeology of Foodways (2016)
  56. Dust-Lined Boxes and Warehouses: A Re-Analysis of 17th Century Archaeological Collections from Fort Eustis, VA (2016)
  57. Education in Maritime Archaeology: Universities, Capacity Building, and the Internet (2016)
  58. Elbow Reef’s Landscape of Salvage (2016)
  59. Encountering Mannahatta: The Archaeological Search For New York's Past (2016)
  60. Encounters or Exposures? A Methodical Approach to Coastal Resiliency. (2016)
  61. Evaluating Environments and Economies: A Comprehensive Zooarchaeological Study of the Eastern Pequot (2016)
  62. An Examination Of Sanitation And Hygiene Habit Artifacts Found aboard Vasa: Health, Sanitation, and Life At Sea In Seventeenth-Century Sweden (2016)
  63. Excavating an Ephemeral Assemblage: An Archaeology of American Hoboes in the Gilded Age (2016)
  64. Excavating Emotion on a Maryland Plantation (2016)
  65. Exploring Cultural Resource Management’s Contribution to Historical Archaeology, 1967–2014 (2016)
  66. Fireplaces and Foundations: Architecture at Fort St. Joseph (2016)
  67. First Person Archaeology: Exploring Fort St. Joseph through Go-Pro Footage (2016)
  68. Flint Ballast, Rocky Connections With Europe (2016)
  69. Forgetting, Hybridity, Revitalization, and Persistence: A Model for Understanding the Archaeology of Enslaved African Ritual Practice in the Early Chesapeake (2016)
  70. From Producers to Consumers: Exploring the Role of Florida’s Eighteenth-Century Refugee Mission (2016)
  71. Geophysical Investigation at Fort Motte: Delineating the Fort and Searching for the Sap. (2016)
  72. The Gilchrist Fleet Survey Report: Identifying the Archaeological Significance of Abandoned Vessels in the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. (2016)
  73. GIS-Based Predictive Modeling and Urban Industrial Archaeology: A Case Study In London, Ontario (2016)
  74. Ground-Penetrating Radar and Rapid Site Identification and Characterization: Examples from the Theodore Turley Home Site, Nauvoo, Illinois (2016)
  75. Historic Archaeology at Work: Rehabilitating Our Past and Present to Secure Our Future (2016)
  76. Historic Dumps and Scatters: Trash or Sites? (2016)
  77. Historic Sites and Possible Worlds: Narrative-Building at Two Sites of African American History (2016)
  78. Historical Archaeology in the College Classroom: An Interdisciplinary Tool that Promotes Personal and Professional Development (2016)
  79. Historical Archaeology of the Marsh Sugar Plantation, Avery Island, Louisiana (2016)
  80. A "Home in the Country:" Material Life at the House of the Good Shepherd Orphanage, Tomkins Cove, New York (2016)
  81. The House of the Good Shepherd: A Late Nineteenth Century Orphanage on the Banks of the Hudson River (2016)
  82. The Humachis of Huancavelica during the Late Colonial Period (AD 1780-1840) (2016)
  83. Initial Deepwater Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Atomic Target Vessel US Independence (CVL22) (2016)
  84. Investigating a possible Spanish Military Structure at the Site of San Joseph de Sapala, Sapelo Island, Georgia (2016)
  85. Investigation Of The Sequent Guard Houses At Cantonment Burgwin, Taos, New Mexico (2016)
  86. La Juliana 1588 – Recent investigation by the Underwater Archaeology Unit, National Monuments Service at the site of one of the 1588 Spanish Armada shipwrecks. (2016)
  87. Lake Tahoe Maritime Heritage Trail (2016)
  88. Landscape Perspective on Cowboy Life and Ranching Along the Southern High Plains Eastern Escarpment of Northwestern Texas (2016)
  89. Landscape Transformation and Use at the Harrison Gray Otis House in Boston's West End (2016)
  90. Legacy Archaeology and Cultural Landscapes at Fort Ouiatenon (2016)
  91. Lessons Learned: When the Public Speaks Out (2016)
  92. The Life Cycle of a Slave Cabin: Results of the 2014 and 2015 University of Florida Historical Archaeological Field Schools at Bulow Plantation, Flagler County, Florida (2016)
  93. Life In The River Wards: The History Of Kensington And Port Richmond (2016)
  94. Liquid Power: An archaeological excavation of an Antiguan rum distillery. (2016)
  95. Logan City, Nevada: Excavation of an 1860s Mining Camp (2016)
  96. A Look At Violence In A Western Mining District (2016)
  97. Looking Through the Glass: Identification and Analysis of Glass Bottles Recovered from a Campus Trash Dump (2016)
  98. Looted Delights: An Investigation of Integrity at a Looted Lumber Camp (2016)
  99. Macho and Moral: An Archaeological Investigation of Masculine Behaviors on Apple Island, Michigan. (2016)
  100. Malleable Minds: The Importance of Flexibility in Developing Research Designs (2016)