Society for American Archaeology 80th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2015)

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This collection contains the abstracts from the 2015 annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Most files in this collection contain the abstract only. The Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology provides a forum for the dissemination of knowledge and discussion. The 80th Annual Meeting was held in San Francisco, California from April 15-19, 2015.

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  1. Asiatic Echoes - The Identification of Ancient Chinese Pictograms in pre-Columbian North American Rock Writing (2015)
  2. Prehistoric Plant Utilization in Southeastern New Mexico: A unique publication merging academic and public interests (2015)
  3. A New View of the Desert - The Permian Basin Programmatic Agreement Research Program in Southeastern New Mexico (2015)
  4. The Digital Legacy of Public Archaeology in the Phoenix Basin, Arizona (2015)
  5. In the Morning House: The Redhorn Cycle Depicted in Rock Art from Kentucky (2018)
  6. Soul Expression: Speech-Breath in Pecos River Style Rock Art (2018)
  7. Different Methods for Different Strokes: Petroglyphs in the Northern Cape, South Africa (2018)
  8. Rock Art in the High Rock Country: a Contextual View (2018)
  9. Rock Art at Chalcatzingo, Morelos: Methodology and Techniques for Recording, Documenting and Elaborating Preservation Strategies (2018)
  10. A Feasibility Analysis of Rock Art Recorded Thus Far for the Alexandria Project (2018)
  11. Research Questions Driving Rock Art Recording Methodology in the Alexandria Project (2018)
  12. A Mesoamerican Culture Hero Legend in Western U.S. Rock Art (2018)
  13. Pictographs on Artery Lake, Bloodvein River System, Extreme Northwest Ontario, Canada: (2018)
  14. Plaster Art: "Graffiti" in a Sage’s Chamber at El Castillo acropolis of Xunantunich, Belize (2018)
  15. Dating the Spirit Men: Radiocarbon Dating Saltwater Rock Art of the Yanyuwa People in Northern Australia (2018)
  16. Petroglyphs on the Periphery: Rock Art in the Canadian Maritimes (2018)
  17. Portable X-ray Fluorescence of Lower Pecos Mobiliary Art: New Insights Regarding Chaîne Opératoire, Context, and Chronology (2018)
  18. In-Situ pXRF Analysis of Episodic Pictograph Production (2018)
  19. Documentation, methodology and interpretation of rock art from Castle Rock Community, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, Colorado (2018)
  20. Enhancing Access to Arabian Rock Art Archives (2018)
  21. Integrating Petrographic and INAA Compositional Data: Chupadero Black-on-white Ceramic Production and Distribution in the Salinas and Sierra Blanca regions of New Mexico (2015)
  22. Laboratory Techniques for the Detection of Human Parasites in Archaeological Samples. (2015)
  23. Micro Analyses of 17th Century Adobe Bricks from the “New” Church at Pecos, New Mexico (2015)
  24. Micro analyses of 17th Century adobe bricks from the "new" church at Pecos, New Mexico. (2015)
  25. Public Outreach and Pipeline Archaeology in the Western United States (2015)
  26. Ethnic Chinese at Central Pacific Railroad Maintenance Camps (2015)
  27. Immigration Service Records and the Archaeology of Chinatown, The Dalles, Oregon (2015)
  28. Identity and Isolation: The Material Realities of an (almost) Isolated Household in Sandpoint, Idaho (2015)
  29. Scraping Our Way To The Past: A Methodological Approach For Chinese Rural Work Camps (2015)
  30. Railroad Camps in the High Sierras (2015)
  31. Plant and Animal Consumption in the Market Street Chinatown, San Jose, California (2015)
  32. Urban Life Through the Lens of Glass: A Brief Analysis of Glass Tableware and Flaked Objects from the 19th Century San Jose Market Street Chinatown, California (2015)
  33. "Rebuilding" Chinatown in The Dalles, Oregon (2015)
  34. Exploring Healthcare Practices of Chinese Railroad Workers in North America (2015)
  35. What Have We Done, What Are We Doing, and Where Are We Going with Overseas Chinese Archaeology? (2015)
  36. Getting Burned: Fire, Politics, and Cultural Landscapes in the American West (2015)
  37. Chinese Railroad Workers in Wyoming and Mongolia, 1890-1955 (2015)
  38. Knowing My House: An Indigenous Theory and Practice of Being (2017)
  39. Using geochemistry, phytoliths and ethnographic analogy to interpret Neolithic settlements in southwest Asia (2017)
  40. Seeds for the gods: chía (Salvia hispanica) in Teotihuacan ritual offerings (2017)
  41. Residue Analysis of Plastered Floors and Function of the Rooms at Teopancazco, Teotihuacan (2017)
  42. The People Who Harvest Together, Live Together. Ethnoarchaeological considerations on a Late Chalcolithic archaeobotanical assemblage from Çadır Höyük, Turkey (2017)
  43. Starch Grain Analysis of Bedrock Mortars in California: Implications to Our Understanding of California Prehistory (2017)
  44. Modelling Anthropic Activity Markers: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Plant-Related Domestic Activities (2017)
  45. Detecting the functions of patios in a Classic Maya regal palace at La Corona, Guatemala. (2017)
  46. Exploring the Changing Roles of Maya E-groups: Geochemical Analysis of E-group Plaster Floors at Actuncan, Belize (2017)
  47. Hadiya:wa: Do You Hear What Traditional Pueblo Cultural Advisors Are Saying? (2017)
  48. Fortifying A Community through Public Archaeology: The Collaboration of Public and Private Organizations to Preserve, Protect, and Promote a Spanish-American War Fort on a South Carolina Sea Island. (2017)
  49. Managing Cultural Resources within Protected Areas (2017)
  50. "Come Together, Right Now:" The Oklahoma Public Archaeology Network and Its Role in Oklahoma Public Archaeology (2017)
  51. Local Archaeology Societies in the UK (2017)
  52. Displays of identity: A community-engaged approach to studying identity through photo diaries (2017)
  53. Exploring 'Helicopter' Consulting (2017)
  54. Empowering Tribal Youth in Cultural Heritage Management (2017)
  55. Introduction to session and opening remarks (2017)
  56. Long Days Journey into Night, Government to Government Consultation under Section 106, on the Navajo Nation (2017)
  57. The Jemez Mountains Ethnohistoric Assessment: a Critical Examination of an Alternative Approach to Consultation (2017)
  58. Community Archaeology at the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp, Park County, Wyoming (2017)
  59. Working Together to Save Our Culture: Creating a Tribal Register of Historical Places (2017)
  60. Collaboration Continues: Revisiting Archaeology between CRM Archaeologists and First Nations Communities in the Pacific Northwest (2017)
  61. Cheval Bonnet: A Crow Calling Card in Blackfeet Country (2017)
  62. It’s all a bit retro: Investigating early phase rock art on the Dampier Archipelago, Northwest Australia. (2017)
  63. Landscape, settlement patterns and rain and fertility symbolism in rock art: a comparative analysis between Chalcatzingo and Cerros de Trincheras in Mexico (2017)
  64. Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF) and Photogrammetric Studies In Illinois Rock Art Research (2017)
  65. Apishapa Rock Art and Soul Capture (2017)
  66. Rock Art as Ritual Communicator: A Theoretical Evaluation (2017)
  67. Tobacco Related Imagery in Montana and Wyoming (2017)
  68. Advanced Imaging of Saudi Arabian Petroglyphs: How Science Informs Art. (2017)
  69. Recording and Interpreting Mississippian Rock Imagery at Painted Bluff, Alabama (2017)
  70. Lesser Antillean Windward Island Rock Art and Prehistoric Cultural Systems (2017)
  71. The Shaman in the Cave? Testing for entoptic imagery in Upper Paleolithic geometric rock art. (2017)
  72. Neandertal artists? Exploring misconceptions about Neandertal symbolic capacities through rock art studies. (2017)
  73. Memory and Materiality in Rock Art and Ghost Dance Performances (2017)
  74. Places, paths and territories: Exploring the multifunctional nature of northeastern Ontario rock art (2017)
  75. The Rock Art of Haitian Vodou (2017)
  76. Method and Theory in the Archaeology of Interior Salish Rock Art Sites on the British Columbia Plateau. (2017)
  77. "An Arson, A Wig, and a Murder": The Search for Particia Calloway (2017)
  78. Searching for Standards: Federal Efforts Regarding Crime Scene Investigation with Input from Archaeology (2017)
  79. Forensic Techniques to Investigate Museum and Archaeological Samples (2017)
  80. A Student’s Perspective on the Unidentified Persons Project, San Bernardino, California (2017)
  81. Authentication of Museum-Curated Tsantsas Utilizing Next Generation Sequencing Technology (2017)
  82. Further Defining the Role of the Forensic Archaeologist (2017)
  83. Is There Strength in Numbers? An Evaluation of the Complementary Roles of Archaeologists and Anthropologists in Forensic Contexts (2017)
  84. Variability in Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in Banana Yucca (Yucca Baccata) from Cedar Mesa, Utah: Environmental, Inter-Organ and Processing-based Effects (2015)
  85. Martu Ethnoarchaeology: Foraging, Site Structure and the Scales of Constraint on Human Behavior (2015)
  86. Lo ritual y lo doméstico: estudios químicos de suelos y paleoetnobotánicos en distintas esferas de actividad en la hacienda San Pedro Cholul, Yucatán. (2015)
  87. Evaluating a Cooperative Approach to the Management of Digital Archaeological Records (ECAMDAR): A Defense Legacy Project Assessing tDAR for the Department of Defense (2015)
  88. The application of strontium isotope analysis to historic cemetery contexts: a case study for the creation of robust individual identifications (2015)
  89. The Blind Spot: An Early Later Stone Age perspective on the Agulhas Bank from Knysna Eastern Heads Cave 1, South Africa (2015)
  90. Recent archaeological excavations at the Aklis Site, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (2015)
  91. Using computer models and art stylistic similarities to evaluate the impacts of geography and social processes on Magdalenian social networks (2015)
  92. Best Practices for Good Digital Curation (2015)
  93. Modeling Behavior in Digital Places Using Low-Level Perceptual Cues (2015)
  94. On Swiddening and Pigs: The Management of Micronesian Agroforests (2016)
  95. Understanding the Relationship Between Sample Size and Variation in Ceramic Relative Chronologies at the Petrified Forest National Park (2016)
  96. Pithouses, Pueblos, Projectile Points, Petroglyphs, and Possible Plazas: An Update on the 2015 Petrified Forest National Park Boundary Expansion Survey (2016)
  97. Three Seasons of Survey in the Painted Desert: An Update of the Petrified Forest Boundary Expansion Survey (2016)
  98. It's a Slippery Slope: The Impacts of Erosion on the Spatial Distribution of Artifacts (2016)
  99. Sourcing and Trade of Basalt and Turquoise to Petrified Forest National Park (2016)
  100. Petroglyphs of East Tank Mesa and the Mac Stod Great House: Using Rock Art to Gauge Regional Influences in Petrified Forest National Park (2016)