Archeological Investigations Along the Salt-Gila Aqueduct

Author(s): Pat H. Stein

Year: 1979


In 1978, the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) directed the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) to complete an intensive archaeological survey of the proposed alignment for the Salt-Gila Aqueduct, a feature of the Central Arizona Project. The survey area was 11,115 acres and included the 60 mile-long transmission line (with a typical width of 200 meters), three proposed utility line locations, one flood retention dike location, 11 possible spoil or realignment areas, and a subsidence well. Seventy archaeological sites were recorded during this survey. Following pedestrian survey, the MNA also conducted archaeological testing at selected sites to evaluate their eligibility for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

The survey had two general goals: 1) to assess the significance of archaeological resources in the project area and to recommend ways of mitigating adverse impacts to them which might result from construction and 2) to generate and synthesize data that would significantly enhance scientific knowledge about the project area, specifically about the use of the area through time.

This report addresses the second goal and synthesizes the survey data providing models of aboriginal utilization of riverine and nonriverine resource zones in the study area. The mitigation report that addresses the first goal can be found at tDAR ID 53593.

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Archeological Investigations Along the Salt-Gila Aqueduct. Pat H. Stein. Flagstaff, AZ: Museum of Northern Arizona. 1979 ( tDAR id: 53594) ; doi:10.6067/XCV83N257S


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Adobe Andesite Barbed Wire Basalt Bone Brass Buffware Building Materials Casa Grande Red-on-Buffware Ceramic Chalcedony Chipped Stone Cobble Cruciferae Euphorbia sp. Fire Cracked Rock Gila Butte Red-on-Buffware Gila Plainware Gila Plainware, Gila Variety Gila Plainware, Salt Variety Gila Polychrome Ware Gila Redware Glass Granite Ground Stone Human Remains Jasper Lower Colorado Buffware Macrobotanical Metal Mica Micaceous Quartz Mineral Obsidian Plainware Plantago sp. Polychrome Ware Purple Glass Quartz Red-on-Buffware Redware Rhyolite Sacaton Red-on-Buffware Salt Redware Sandstone Santa Cruz Red-on-Buffware Schist Shell Slate Socorro Whiteware Tonto Polychrome Ware Vesicular Basalt Whiteware Wingfield Plainware Wood Zea sp. Show More

Site Name
AZ:U:15:28 (MNA) AZ AA:3:10 (ASM) AZ AA:3:10 (MNA) AZ AA:3:2 (MNA) AZ AA:3:3 (MNA) AZ AA:3:4 (MNA) AZ AA:3:5 (MNA) AZ AA:3:6 (MNA) AZ AA:3:7 (MNA) AZ AA:3:8 (MNA) AZ AA:3:9 (MNA) AZ U:10:1 (MNA) AZ U:10:10 (ASM) AZ U:10:10 (MNA) AZ U:10:11 (MNA) AZ U:10:12 (MNA) AZ U:10:13 (MNA) AZ U:10:14 (MNA) AZ U:10:15 (MNA) AZ U:10:16 (MNA) AZ U:10:17 (MNA) AZ U:10:18 (MNA) AZ U:10:2 (MNA) AZ U:10:3 (ASM) AZ U:10:3 (MNA) AZ U:10:4 (MNA) AZ U:10:5 (MNA) AZ U:10:51 (ASM) AZ U:10:52 (ASU) AZ U:10:6 (ASM) AZ U:10:6 (MNA) AZ U:10:7 (MNA) AZ U:10:8 (ASM) AZ U:10:8 (MNA) AZ U:10:9 (ASM) AZ U:10:9 (MNA) AZ U:14:2 (MNA) AZ U:14:3 (ASU) AZ U:14:30 (ASU) AZ U:14:31 (ASU) AZ U:14:44 (ASM) AZ U:15:10 (ASU) AZ U:15:10 (MNA) AZ U:15:11 (ASM) AZ U:15:11 (ASU) AZ U:15:11 (MNA) AZ U:15:12 (MNA) AZ U:15:13 (ASM) AZ U:15:13 (MNA) AZ U:15:14 (ASM) AZ U:15:14 (MNA) AZ U:15:15 (ASM) AZ U:15:15 (MNA) AZ U:15:16 (MNA) AZ U:15:17 (ASM) AZ U:15:17 (MNA) AZ U:15:18 (MNA) AZ U:15:19 (ASM) AZ U:15:19 (MNA) AZ U:15:2 (MNA) AZ U:15:20 (MNA) AZ U:15:21 (MNA) AZ U:15:22 (MNA) AZ U:15:23 (MNA) AZ U:15:24 (MNA) AZ U:15:25 (MNA) AZ U:15:26 (MNA) AZ U:15:27 (ASU) AZ U:15:27 (MNA) AZ U:15:28 (ASU) AZ U:15:29 (ASU) AZ U:15:29 (MNA) AZ U:15:3 (MNA) AZ U:15:30 (ASU) AZ U:15:30 (MNA) AZ U:15:31 (MNA) AZ U:15:32 (MNA) AZ U:15:33 (MNA) AZ U:15:34 (MNA) AZ U:15:35 (MNA) AZ U:15:36 (MNA) AZ U:15:37 (MNA) AZ U:15:38 (MNA) AZ U:15:39 (MNA) AZ U:15:4 (MNA) AZ U:15:40 (MNA) AZ U:15:41 (MNA) AZ U:15:42 (ASU) AZ U:15:43 (MNA) AZ U:15:46 (ASM) AZ U:15:47 (ASM) AZ U:15:48 (ASU) AZ U:15:5 (MNA) AZ U:15:6 (MNA) AZ U:15:7 (ASU) AZ U:15:7 (MNA) AZ U:15:8 (MNA) AZ U:15:9 (MNA) AZ U:6:61 (ASU) Florence 8:2 Florence Archeological District Florence Cemetery Los Canales Los Canales Ruin Mesquite Flats NA15,610 NA15,611 NA15,612 NA15,613 NA15,614 NA15,615 NA15,616 NA15,617 NA15,618 NA15,619 NA15,620 NA15,621 NA15,622 NA15,623 NA15,624 NA15,625 NA15,626 NA15,627 NA15,628 NA15,629 NA15,630 NA15,631 NA15,632 NA15,633 NA15,634 NA15,635 NA15,636 NA15,637 NA15,638 NA15,639 NA15,640 NA15,641 NA15,642 NA15,643 NA15,644 NA15,645 NA15,646 NA15,647 NA15,648 NA15,649 NA15,650 NA15,651 NA15,652 NA15,653 NA15,654 NA15,655 NA15,656 NA15,657 NA15,658 NA15,659 NA15,660 NA15,661 NA15,662 NA15,663 NA15,664 NA 15,665 NA15,666 NA15,667 NA15,668 NA15,669 NA15,670 NA15,671 NA15,672 NA15,728 NA15,756 NA15,771 NA15,772 NA15,773 NA15,774 NA15,775 Queen Creek Archaeological District Show More

Site Type
Adobe Foundation Adobe Pueblo Agricultural Field or Field Feature Agricultural or Herding Air Force Base Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Ball Court Barbed Wire Fence Brick Foundation Camp Canal Canal or Canal Feature Cemetery Chicken Coop Foundation Cobble Platform Mound Cobble Room Cobble Structure Concrete Trough Cremation Cremation Area Depression Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Encampment Fence Field Foundation Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Gravestone Hearth House Foundation Imhoff Tank Isolated Artifact Lithic Scatter Midden Military Base Military Structure Non-Domestic Structures Outbuilding Oval Depression Oven Petroglyph Pit Pithouse Pit House / Earth Lodge Plant Processing Station Platform Mound Pueblo Rectangular Depression Reservoir Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Roasting Pit Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Rock Art Rock Pile Rock Ring Room Room Block / Compound / Pueblo Settlements Sheet Midden Sherd Scatter Sleeping Circle Square Foundation Structure Tombstone Trash Area Trash Midden Trash Mound Trough Show More

Investigation Types
Archaeological Overview

Andesite Flake Andesite Scraper Andesite Tool Axe Basalt Core Basalt Debitage Basalt Flake Basalt Graver Basalt Hammerstone Basalt Mano Basalt Metate Basalt Tool Bifacial Chopper Blade Bone (Human) Bowl Brass Window Wedge Burin Central Arizona Project Ceramic Pipe Chert Projectile Point Chert Scraper Chopper Comales Conduit Pipe Core Cross Cupule (Zea sp.) Debitage Dicotyledon Flake Flotation Sample Glass Bottle Granite Hoe Granite Mano Graver Hammerstone Hoe Jar Jasper Flake Kernel (Zea sp.) Knife Magma Railroad Magnetometry Mano Metate Nail One-Handed Mano Pipe Pot Pounder Projectile Point Quartz Debitage Quartz Flake Redware Bowl Rhyolite Core Rhyolite Debitage Rhyolite Flake Rhyolite Scraper Plane Rhyolite Tool Salt-Gila Aqueduct Sandstone Metate Schist Blade Scraper Scraper Plane Skull (Human) Slab Metate Slate Knife Tool Trough Metate Vessel Wedge Wooden Cross Show More

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04999 (Fips Code) Apache Junction, AZ Arizona (State / Territory) Coolidge-Florence Municipal Airport Florence, AZ Florence Archeological District Florence - Casa Grande Canal Florence Retarding Dam Gila River Granite Reef Dam Picacho Mountain Picacho Reservoir Power Line Retarding Dam Queen Creek Queen Creek Archeological District Queen Creek Basin Rittenhouse Air Force Auxiliary Field Salt River Sonoran Desert Superstition Mountains Tonto National Forest Vineyard Road Retarding Dam Weekes Wash

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1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 19th Century 20th Century Civano Phase Classic Period Colonial Period Gila Butte Phase Historic Prehistoric Santa Cruz Phase Sedentary Period Soho Phase World War II

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.583; min lat: 32.868 ; max long: -111.289; max lat: 33.548 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Contributor(s): A. E. Rogge; Thomas Barrs; Thomas Caldwell; Joan DeCosta; Stanley Granger; Kerry Jablonski; Robert Jablonski; Michael Miklochik; Scott Sargeant; Clarence Vynalek; Marla Yablon; Mark Keane; Ronald Yablon; David Greenwald; Cynthia Appel; Karen Chartier; Lonnie Viklund; Paul Fish, Dr.; William Doelle; Robert Nickel; Melvin Persons; Paul R. Fish

Landowner(s): Private Owner; Bureau of Reclamation; State of Arizona; U. S. Air Force; City of Florence; City of Coolidge; Coolidge-Florence Municipal Airport; Bureau of Land Management

Sponsor(s): United States Bureau of Reclamation, USDI

Repository(s): Huhugam Heritage Center

Record Identifiers

Bureau of Land Management Permit No.(s): PD-18

Department of the Interior Antiquities Act Permit No.(s): 75-AZ-102

NADB Citation ID No.(s): 000000168025

Contract or Grant No.(s): 8-07-32-V0043

Arizona State Museum Permit No.(s): 78-01

NADB Document ID No.(s): 2203923

Report No.(s): DI-BR-APO-CCRS79-3, A-77-126


General Note: The copy of this document from which the NADB record was made can be found at Bureau of Reclamation, Box 25007, Denver CO 80255.

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