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This collection contains the abstracts and presentations from the Society for American Archaeology annual meetings. SAA has partnered with Digital Antiquity to archive their annual conference abstracts and make the presentations available. This collection contains meeting abstracts and presentations dating from 2015 to the present.

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The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) is an international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas. With more than 7,000 members, the society represents professional, student, and avocational archaeologists working in a variety of settings including government agencies, colleges and universities, museums, and the private sector.

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  1. $1.87 Each, Four Feet Long and Over; $0.87 Each, Less than Four Feet: A Spatial Analysis of Coffin Type and Coffin Hardware from the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery. (2017)
  2. 10 Years, 3 Supervisors, 7 Assistants and 30 Students. How the Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist Managed, Manages and Plans for the Future of Archaeological Data (2018)
  3. 10,000 years of bottle gourds (Lagenaria siceraria): archaeology of the first global crop (2016)
  4. 10,000 Years of Stone Tool Use by Hunter-Gatherers in Central Texas (2015)
  5. 100 Years Later: Georeferencing Early Maps and Present Day Field Work at the Site of Nuri, Sudan (2019)
  6. 1000 Years of Small Bird Capture in NW Greenland (2019)
  7. A 1000-Year Record of Cahokia Region Population Change through Fecal Stanol Biomarker Analysis (2017)
  8. 10th Century BC Novelties in the Central Part of Southern Caucasus (2019)
  9. 12,500 Years of Altitude (2018)
  10. 13,000 Years of History in 990 Square Feet: Recent Undertakings in Public Archaeology at Petrified Forest National Park. (2015)
  11. 13,000 Years of Obsidian Prospecting in Eastern Beringia: A Status Report on Obsidian Source Studies in Alaska and Yukon (2017)
  12. 1300 years of a Classic Maya ceramic tradition at El Perú-Waka’, Guatemala (2017)
  13. 13th Baktun Rebirth at Izapa: discovery vistas with new technologies in applied structural archaeology are writing Preclassic history (2015)
  14. 14C and Maya Long Count Dates: Refining the Approach to Classic Maya Chronologies (2016)
  15. 14C and Maya Long Count dates: using Bayesian modeling to develop robust site chronologies (2015)
  16. 16 by 16 - Forest Service Fire Lookout Restorations in the Rocky Mountain Region (2016)
  17. The 16th Century Merchant Community of Santa Maria Acxotla, Puebla (2015)
  18. 18th to 20th Century Architectural Changes of Embudo’s Torreon (2019)
  19. The 1912 Grave Desecration of the Milwaukee County Institution Grounds Poor Farm's Cemetery (2015)
  20. The 1973 Seminar on The Lacustrine Kingdoms in the Titicaca Basin (2018)
  21. 19th Century Factories, Warehouses and Workshops in La Puntilla, San Juan Puerto Rico (2018)
  22. 19th Century Mining Life in Michigan's Upper Peninsula - The American West on the Wrong Side of the 100th Meridian (2015)
  23. 20,000 Years Under the Sea: Dynamically Visualizing the Past and Future of Shorelines, Ecosystems, and Climate Change at Point Reyes, California (2018)
  24. 2000 Years of Eating: Continuity and change in food practices among the Puuc Maya (2017)
  25. A 2000-Year-Old Family: Interpreting Site Structure and Human Behaviors at the Swan Point Site, Interior Alaska (2019)
  26. The 2014 Excavations at Cerro Tortolita, an Early Intermediate Period Ceremonial Center in the Upper Ica Valley. (2015)
  27. The 2014 Excavations at the Early Horizon Period Ceremonial Complex of Cosma, Ancash, Peru (2015)
  28. 2015 Allendale Chert Quarry Survey: Methods and Preliminary Results (2016)
  29. 2016 Navy Sunken Military Craft Act Regulations--32 CFR 767 (2016)
  30. The 2016 Season at El Rayo, Nicaragua: Civic-Ceremonial Structures, Tombs, and Feasting from the Bagaces to Sapoa Transition (2017)
  31. 2017 Excavations at McDonald Creek (FAI-2043), A Multicomponent, Open-Air Site in the Tanana Flats Training Area, Fort Wainwright, Central Alaska (2018)
  32. The 2017 Excavations at Pan de Azúcar de Nivín: Insight into the Middle Horizon Occupation of the Middle Casma Valley, Peru (2018)
  33. The 20th Century Archaeology of the High Mountains: State Projects and the Forces Resisting Them (2018)
  34. 24 Years Down & 24 to Go: Lessons Learned and New Research Directions for the Gunnison Basin (CO)-based Rocky Mountain Paleoindian Research Program (2019)
  35. 25 Years of Digital Archaeology - Updating the Past to Plan for the Future (2016)
  36. 25 Years of NAGPRA in the National Park Service (2015)
  37. 3,065 Sherd Disks and their Potential Uses in Calixtlahuaca in the Toluca Valley (2015)
  38. 3-D morphology of grass short cell phytoliths: Unlocking the evolution of grasses and grassland ecosystems (2015)
  39. 3-D Scanning, LiDAR, and UASs in Cultural Property Protection (2018)
  40. 30,000 Feet or Boots on the Ground (2015)
  41. 350 Years after the Conquest: British Influences on a Multiethnic Refugee Maya Community (2019)
  42. 360 grados. Uso y función de las estructuras circulares de la zona costera de la sierra de Santa Marta, Los Tuxtlas, Ver. (2016)
  43. 3D Archaeology at MAE/USP (Brazil): Practices and Perspectives (2017)
  44. 3D Comparison of Attic Head Vases (2018)
  45. 3D Cyber-Archaeology Dissemination through Scientific Visualization - Personal and Large-Scale Virtual Reality Platforms (2018)
  46. 3D Digitization of Spindle Whorls from Pre-Contact Central Mexico (2016)
  47. A 3D Geometric Morphometric Comparison of Bone Surface Modifications on Proboscidean Assemblages from the Western Great Lakes (2019)
  48. 3D Geometric Morphometrics Applied in the Identification of Canis spp. specimen from a Historic Site in Western Texas (2018)
  49. 3D Geometric Morphometry of Western Stemmed Projectile Points from the Columbia River Plateau (2016)
  50. 3D Hydraulic Modeling of the Ancient Irrigation System at the MGK site in Xinjiang, China (2018)
  51. 3D Imaging in Remote Areas, Rainforests, and Other Hostile Environments: Investigating Identity and Interaction in Eastern Honduras (2018)
  52. A 3D Landscape Analysis of Stelae Visibility at Copan, Honduras (2015)
  53. A 3D Method for Measuring Platform Angles on Lithic Flakes (2017)
  54. 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality for Condition Assessments and Educational Outreach Tools Documenting Rock Art in Little Petroglyph Canyon, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California (2017)
  55. 3D Modeling of Archaeological Collections: A Case Study in Archaeometry (2015)
  56. 3D Modeling the Sites of the Virgin Branch Ancestral Puebloan with Photogrammetry and BIM (2017)
  57. 3D Modeling – Breakthrough or Fad? Bronze Age Towers in Oman and Excavations of an Aksumite Town in Ethiopia (2015)
  58. 3D or 2-1/2D? Comparing 3D Photogrammetry And Reflectance Transformation Imaging (2019)
  59. 3D Photogrammetry and GIS for Tracking Edge Wear Accumulation in Lithic Experiments (2015)
  60. 3D Photogrammetry and Woodland Mud Glyphs from 19th Unnamed Cave, Alabama (2019)
  61. 3D Reconstruction of Early Spanish Colonial Hybrid Ceramics from Ciudad Vieja, El Salvador (2019)
  62. 3D Saqqara: Using 3D GIS to reconstruct visibility and communal memory at an Egyptian necropolis (2015)
  63. 3D Scanning of Bronze: Repeatability and Reliability across scanners. (2015)
  64. 3D Scanning the Virgin Mary in the Toast: Using Handheld Digital Imaging Technologies to Explode the Myth of Pareidolic Illusions in the Ancient Maya Underworld (2018)
  65. 3D Visualization and Soundscape Applications that Speak to Community Organizational Change on Luzon, Philippines during Spanish Contact (2016)
  66. 4,000 years of animal translocations: Mocha Island and its zooarchaeological record (2017)
  67. 400 Years of History and Cross-cultural Interactions in a Ritually Mounded Landscape of South Tanna, Vanuatu (2017)
  68. 49ers and Firm Foundations: A Short Archaeological History of San Francisco’s Civic Center (2015)
  69. 5500 years of changing crop niches on the Tibetan Plateau (2016)
  70. 6k Years of Land Use in South Asia: Sustainability, Power Relations, and Tropical Variability (2018)
  71. ’77 to ’17: Re-investigating the Perimeter of St. Catherines Island after Four Decades (2019)
  72. 7x105 Dimensions of Pottery: Multivariate Analyses of Pottery Assemblages from the Lower Town Site of Mycenae, Greece (2017)
  73. The 8.2ka event evidence for human-environment interaction in north-west Atlantic Europe (2016)
  74. 9,000-year-old cereal meals: new methods for the analysis of charred food remains from Çatalhöyük East (Turkey) (2017)
  75. A-Maize-ing: Phytolith evidence for an early introduction of maize in the Upper Great Lakes diet (2017)
  76. Abalone in the Archaeological Record of Barkley Sound (2017)
  77. Abandonment Processes in Manabi, Ecuador: Ethnoarchaeological Interpretations from the Cloud Forest (2018)
  78. The Abbott Farm National Historic Landmark: A Look into the Future (2018)
  79. Abbreviated Imagery on Cajamarca Cursive Ceramics (2018)
  80. Abnormalies of Horse Vertebrae from Xigou Site and Shirenzigou Site in Xinjiang (2017)
  81. Aboriginal Sociopolitical Groups in California and the Great Basin: The Rise of Orderly Anarchy (2015)
  82. About Face: A Head-On Examination of Pre-Columbian Social Identity (2017)
  83. About Peopling and Rivers: Connections and Boundaries in the Early Peopling of Eastern South America (2019)
  84. About the Reliability of Archaeological Information (2018)
  85. Above and Below the Waves: Advances in the Search for a Late Pleistocene Colonization of California’s Islands (2017)
  86. The abrupt transition from Hamburgian to Federmessergruppen in southern Scandinavia – evidence for regional hunter-gatherer extinction? (2015)
  87. Absences and Abandonments in the Mississippian Midwest (2015)
  88. Absent and Present: Contested Landscapes and Undocumented Migration at the U.S.-Mexico Border (2019)
  89. Absent or Overlooked: Addressing the Early Athapaskan Presence in the San Juan Basin of Northwest New Mexico (2015)
  90. Absolute Chronology of the Early Formative Revisited: Bayesian Analysis, Radiocarbon Chronology, and the Emergence of Pottery in the Americas (2016)
  91. Absorbed Residue Evidence of Datura Use in Mississippian Contexts (2017)
  92. Abu Shusha: Integrating and Correlating Surface Features with Magnetic Susceptibility (2018)
  93. An Abundance of Data: The Opportunities and Constraints of Digital Media Utilization at Fort Snelling National Historic Landmark (2017)
  94. Academic Freedom, Data, and Job Performance in the Panopticon (2015)
  95. Academic Jobs in Archaeology (2018)
  96. Accelerating History and Bayesian Models: The Rapid Emergence of Agropastoralism and the Tiwanaku State in the Lake Titicaca Basin, South America (2017)
  97. Accelerating the "Maddeningly Slow Work of Archaeology" in the Forested Maya Lowlands (2017)
  98. Access to Information: The Case of Birch Island (2019)
  99. Access, Accumulation, and Action: The Relationship between Architectural and Depositional Patterns at Homol’ovi I (2015)
  100. Accessing and Assessing Coastal Shell Middens on Private Property in the Pacific Northwest (2015)