An Archaeological Survey in the Blackwater Area, Volume 2: Site Descriptions and Related Data

Author(s): David A. Gregory; Diane L. Douglas

Year: 1994


The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), United States Department of the Interior, was in the initial stages of the Water Management Project designed to bring Central Arizona Project water to the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC). Under terms of a contract signed in 1992 with the GRIC, facilities designed and constructed by Reclamation would deliver 173,000 acre-feet of water annually onto the reservation. Federal law mandates consideration of potential impacts of such projects upon cultural resources and requires that necessary and appropriate steps be taken to mitigate those impacts. In accordance with these laws, Reclamation did a complete inventory of all cultural resources that may fall within the project area.

Data resulting from this inventory provided the basis for assessment of the significance of the resources and for the design of plans to mitigate potential impacts to them. Two survey areas in which a water delivery system and associated features (such as dikes) will be constructed were identified by Reclamation. Broad survey areas were defined so the location of eligible sites would be known before specific project design began.

In total, 180 sites were identified and recorded during survey. These sites include possible Archaic period materials, a wide range of prehistoric Hohokam site types representing all periods of the Hohokam sequence, possible Protohistoric manifestations, and numerous Historic Pima sites of varying ages. The report consists of two volumes. Volume 1 contains background information; consideration of survey and recording methods; analyses, evaluation, and interpretation of collected data; and recommendations for future treatment of discovered sites. Volume 2 contains site descriptions.

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An Archaeological Survey in the Blackwater Area, Volume 2: Site Descriptions and Related Data. David A. Gregory, Diane L. Douglas. Cultural Resources Report ,86. Tempe, AZ: Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. 1994 ( tDAR id: 405416) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8Q52RH5


Archaic Euroamerican Historic Historic Native American Hohokam Papago Pima Pimos Sobaipuri

Adobe Amber Glass Andesite Aqua Glass Barbed Wire Basalt Black Glass Black Volcanic Rock Blue Glass Brass Brick Brown Chert Brown Glass Brownware Buffware Building Materials Cañada del Oro Red-on-Buffware Casa Grande Red-on-Buffware Cast Iron Cement Ceramic Chalcedony Chert China Chipped Stone Clear Glass Conus sp. Copper Dark Blue Glass Daub Diorite Enamel Enamelware Estrella Red-on-Grayware Fauna Fine Grained Basalt Fire Cracked Rock Gila Butte Red-on-Buffware Gila Polychrome Ware Glass Glycymeris sp. Granite Grayware Green Glass Greenstone Ground Stone Hide Human Remains Iron Jasper Laevicardium sp. Leather Little Colorado Grayware Macrobotanical Marine Shell Medium-Grained Volcanic Rock Metal Mineral Ocotillo Olivella sp. Pectin sp. Pectin vogdesi Phoenix Redware Phyllite Pink Chert Plainware Plastic Porcelain Purple Glass Quartzite Red-on-Brownware Red-on-Buffware Red-on-Grayware Redware Rhyolite Sacaton Red-on-Buffware Sacaton Redware Saguaro Santa Cruz Red-on-Buffware Schist Shell Snaketown Red-on-Buffware Snaketown Red-on-Grayware Steatite Steel Sweetwater Red-on-Grayware Tanque Verde Red-on-Brownware Tonto Polychrome Ware Turquoise Vesicular Basalt Volcanic Rock White Glass Whiteware Wood Show More

Site Name
AZ U:14:116 (ASM) AZ U:14:117 (ASM) AZ U:14:118 (ASM) AZ U:14:119 (ASM) AZ U:14:120 (ASM) AZ U:14:121 (ASM) AZ U:14:122 (ASM) AZ U:14:123 (ASM) AZ U:14:124 (ASM) AZ U:14:125 (ASM) AZ U:14:126 (ASM) AZ U:14:127 (ASM) AZ U:14:128 (ASM) AZ U:14:129 (ASM) AZ U:14:130 (ASM) AZ U:14:131 (ASM) AZ U:14:132 (ASM) AZ U:14:133 (ASM) AZ U:14:134 (ASM) AZ U:14:135 (ASM) AZ U:14:136 (ASM) AZ U:14:137 (ASM) AZ U:14:138 (ASM) AZ U:14:139 (ASM) AZ U:14:140 (ASM) AZ U:14:141 (ASM) AZ U:14:142 (ASM) AZ U:14:143 (ASM) AZ U:14:144 (ASM) AZ U:14:145 (ASM) AZ U:14:146 (ASM) AZ U:14:147 (ASM) AZ U:14:148 (ASM) AZ U:14:149 (ASM) AZ U:14:150 (ASM) AZ U:14:151 (ASM) AZ U:14:152 (ASM) AZ U:14:153 (ASM) AZ U:14:154 (ASM) AZ U:14:155 (ASM) AZ U:14:156 (ASM) AZ U:14:157 (ASM) AZ U:14:158 (ASM) AZ U:14:159 (ASM) AZ U:14:160 (ASM) AZ U:14:161 (ASM) AZ U:14:162 (ASM) AZ U:14:163 (ASM) AZ U:14:164 (ASM) AZ U:14:165 (ASM) AZ U:14:166 (ASM) AZ U:14:167 (ASM) AZ U:14:168 (ASM) AZ U:14:169 (ASM) AZ U:14:170 (ASM) AZ U:14:171 (ASM) AZ U:14:172 (ASM) AZ U:14:173 (ASM) AZ U:14:174 (ASM) AZ U:14:175 (ASM) AZ U:14:176 (ASM) AZ U:14:177 (ASM) AZ U:14:178 (ASM) AZ U:14:179 (ASM) AZ U:14:18 (ASM) AZ U:14:180 (ASM) AZ U:14:181 (ASM) AZ U:14:182 (ASM) AZ U:14:183 (ASM) AZ U:14:184 (ASM) AZ U:14:185 (ASM) AZ U:14:186 (ASM) AZ U:14:187 (ASM) AZ U:14:188 (ASM) AZ U:14:189 (ASM) AZ U:14:190 (ASM) AZ U:14:191 (ASM) AZ U:14:192 (ASM) AZ U:14:193 (ASM) AZ U:14:194 (ASM) AZ U:14:195 (ASM) AZ U:14:196 (ASM) AZ U:14:197 (ASM) AZ U:14:198 (ASM) AZ U:14:199 (ASM) AZ U:14:2 (ASM) AZ U:14:20 (ASM) AZ U:14:200 (ASM) AZ U:14:201 (ASM) AZ U:14:202 (ASM) AZ U:14:203 (ASM) AZ U:14:204 (ASM) AZ U:14:205 (ASM) AZ U:14:206 (ASM) AZ U:14:207 (ASM) AZ U:14:208 (ASM) AZ U:14:209 (ASM) AZ U:14:210 (ASM) AZ U:14:211 (ASM) AZ U:14:212 (ASM) AZ U:14:213 (ASM) AZ U:14:214A (ASM) AZ U:14:214B (ASM) AZ U:14:214C (ASM) AZ U:14:214D (ASM) AZ U:14:214E (ASM) AZ U:14:214F (ASM) AZ U:14:214G (ASM) AZ U:14:214H (ASM) AZ U:14:215A (ASM) AZ U:14:215B (ASM) AZ U:14:216 (ASM) AZ U:14:217 (ASM) AZ U:14:218A (ASM) AZ U:14:218B (ASM) AZ U:14:218C (ASM) AZ U:14:218D (ASM) AZ U:14:219 (ASM) AZ U:14:220 (ASM) AZ U:14:221 (ASM) AZ U:14:222 (ASM) AZ U:14:223 (ASM) AZ U:14:224 (ASM) AZ U:14:225 (ASM) AZ U:14:226 (ASM) AZ U:14:227 (ASM) AZ U:14:228 (ASM) AZ U:14:229 (ASM) AZ U:14:230 (ASM) AZ U:14:231 (ASM) AZ U:14:232 (ASM) AZ U:14:233 (ASM) AZ U:14:234 (ASM) AZ U:14:235 (ASM) AZ U:14:236 (ASM) AZ U:14:237 (ASM) AZ U:14:238 (ASM) AZ U:14:239 (ASM) AZ U:14:240 (ASM) AZ U:14:241 (ASM) AZ U:14:242 (ASM) AZ U:14:243 (ASM) AZ U:14:244 (ASM) AZ U:14:245 (ASM) AZ U:14:246 (ASM) AZ U:14:247 (ASM) AZ U:14:248 (ASM) AZ U:14:249 (ASM) AZ U:14:250 (ASM) AZ U:14:251 (ASM) AZ U:14:252 (ASM) AZ U:14:253 (ASM) AZ U:14:254 (ASM) AZ U:14:255 (ASM) AZ U:14:256 (ASM) AZ U:14:257 (ASM) AZ U:14:258 (ASM) AZ U:14:259 (ASM) AZ U:14:260 (ASM) AZ U:14:261 (ASM) AZ U:14:262 (ASM) AZ U:14:263 (ASM) AZ U:14:264 (ASM) AZ U:14:265 (ASM) AZ U:14:266 (ASM) AZ U:14:267 (ASM) AZ U:14:268 (ASM) AZ U:14:269 (ASM) AZ U:14:270 (ASM) AZ U:14:271 (ASM) AZ U:14:272 (ASM) AZ U:14:273 (ASM) AZ U:14:274 (ASM) AZ U:14:275 (ASM) AZ U:14:276 (ASM) AZ U:14:277 (ASM) AZ U:14:278 (ASM) AZ U:14:286 (ASM) AZ U:14:43 (ASM) AZ U:14:79 (ASM) AZ U:14:80 (ASM) AZ U:14:9A (ASM) AZ U:14:9B (ASM) AZ U:14:9C (ASM) AZ U:14:9D (ASM) AZ U:14:9E (ASM) AZ U:14:9F (ASM) AZ U:14:9G (ASM) AZ U:14:9H (ASM) AZ U:14:9I (ASM) Blackwater Day School Blackwater Presbyterian Church Chee Nee Site Complex Cholla Butte Site Complex Granite Knob Site Complex Olberg Site Complex Olberg Village Old Blackwater School Sacaton 4:2 (Gila Pueblo) U:14:280 (ASM) U:14:281 (ASM) U:14:282 (ASM) U:14:283 (ASM) U:14:284 (ASM) U:14:285 (ASM) U:15:248 (ASM) U:15:249 (ASM) U:15:250 (ASM) Show More

Site Type
Adobe Barn Adobe House Adobe Room Adobe Structure Agricultural Field or Field Feature Agricultural or Herding Ancient Structure Apache Tear Cluster Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Ash Stain Ball Court Barn Bedrock Grinding Feature Bedrock Mortar Brick Wall Bungalow Canal Canal or Canal Feature Canal-Related Facility Catchment Basin Chapel Church Circular Rock Alignment Cobble Cluster Communal / Public Structure Concrete Foundation Concrete Pier Concrete Platform Concrete Room Corral Cremation Cremation Area Cupule Depression Ditch Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Drainage Ditch Enclosure Fence Foundation Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Granite Rock Ring Habitation Site Hamlet / Village Hearth Historic Communal / Public Structure Historic Structure House House Foundation Intaglio Intaglio / Geoglyph Irrigation Ditch Ki Limited Activity Site Midden Milling Feature Mound Mound / Earthwork Non-Domestic Structures Petroglyph Pier Pit Pit House Pit House / Earth Lodge Platform Post Post-and-Wire Enclosure Post Hole / Post Mold Potbreak Pot Bust Privy Pump House Railroad Railroad Bed Reservoir Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Retaining Wall Road Road, Trail, and Related Structures or Features Roasting Pit Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Rock Art Rock-Lined Reservoir Rockpile Rock Retaining Wall Rock Ring Room Salt Block Container School Settlements Sheet Midden Shrine Steel Pump House Stone Structure Structure Terrace Trail Trash Concentration Trash Midden Trash Mound Trestle Trough U-Shaped Mound Village Wall Water Control Feature Well Windbreak Wooden Salt Block Container Wooden Trough Show More

Investigation Types
Systematic Survey

10-Penny Nail Andesite Flake Apache Tear Arizona Eastern Railroad Company ASC Automobile Hood Awl Ax Ball Barbed Wire Basalt Core Basalt Flake Basalt Hammerstone Basalt Mano Basalt Medicine Stone Basalt Projectile Point Bead Bedspring Beer Bottle Biface Bimetal Can Bone (Animal) Bone (Artiodactyl) Bone (Human) Bone Awl Bone Bead Boot Sole Bottle Bracelet Brass Cartridge Casing Brass Toe Cap Brick Bucket Bucket Handle Burnt Bone Button Can Canal Azul Canal Blackwater Car Fender Car Part Carttridge Casing Cast Iron Stove Cement Block Chain Chalcedony Core Chalcedony Flake Chee Nee Canal Chert Flake Chicken Wire Chopper Coal Oil Can Cobble Coffee Can Coffee Pot Container Conus Tinkler Cooking Pot Copper Toe Cap Core Crimped Seam Can Crockery Cross D-Cell Battery Debitage Diorite Core Diorite Flake Electrical Cord Enameled Pot Enameled Wash Basin Enameled Wash Tub Enamelware Basin Enamelware Tea Kettle Fish Can Flake Food Can Ford Model A Ford Model T Ford Pickup Fresno Scraper Galvanized Bucket Glass Bead Glass Bottle Glass Core Glass Insulator Glass Jar Glass Tumbler Glycymeris Bracelet Glycymeris Ring Granite Core Grinding Slab Hammerstone Handle Handstone Harness Ring Hinge Hoe Hole-In-Top Can Hub Cap J. D. ADAMS & CO. Jar Jasper Biface Jasper Flake Jasper Projectile Point Juice Can Knife Laevicardium Shell Lantern Lard Bucket Leather Boot Sole Leather Shoe Sole License Plate Lumber Mano Mason Jar Matchstick Filler Can Meat Can Medicine Stone Metal Sink Metal Spike Metal Spoon Metal Trough Metal Wash Basin Metal Water Heater Metate Milk Can Model-T Nail Nehi Nehi Bottle Obsidian Flake Obsidian Projectile Point Ocotillo Oil Can Oil Filter Olivella Bead Padre Bead Pecked Cobble Pecked Granite Cobble Pecked Granite Slab Pecked Quartzite Slab Pecked Slab Pendant Penny Perforated Disk Pestle Pipe Plastic Button Polishing Stone Projectile Point Quartz Core Quartzite Core Quartzite Flake Quartzite Hammerstone Quartzite Handstone Quartzite Polishing Stone R. C. Cola R. C. Cola Bottle Rabbit Snare Railroad Lantern Railroad Tie Rhyolite Chopper Rhyolite Core Rhyolite Flake Rhyolite Hammerstone Rhyolite Project Point Ring Riser ROME Metal Ware Saguaro Rib Sanitary Can Santan Mountain Canal Alignment Sardine Can Schist Hoe Schist Knife Schist Riser Sewage Pipe Sewer Pipe Shaft Straighener Shell (Glycymeris sp.) Shell (Olivella sp.) Shell Bead Shell Bracelet Shell Button Shell Casing Shell Pendant Shell Tinkler Sherd Disk Shoe Sole Sink Slab Metate Solder-Top Can Southern Pacific Railroad Spike Spokewheel Spoon Square Container Steatite Shaft Straightener Stone Ax Stone Ball Stone Hoe Stove Tabular Knife Talcum Powder Can Tea Kettle Tinkler Tire Tobacco Can Toe Cap Trough Trough Metate Tumbler Vegetable Can Vehicle Part Wagon Part Wash Basin Wash Tub Water Heater Water Pipe Whestone White Crockery Window Glass Wire Wire Handle Wooden Beam Wooden Cross Wooden Pipe Wooden Stake Wood Slat Worked Animal Bone Worked Basalt Worked Marine Shell Worked Shell Worked Turquoise Show More

Geographic Keywords
Arizona (State / Territory) Blackwater Lateral Cholla Mountain Gila River Gila River Indian Reservation Granite Knob Little Gila River McClellan Wash Olberg Butte Pinal (County)

Temporal Keywords
19th Century 20th Century Archaic Period Ceramic Period Civano Phase Classic Period Colonial Period El Polveron Phase Estrella Phase Gila Butte Phase Historic Pioneer Period Preclassic Period Prehistoric Protohistoric Sacaton Phase Sedentary Period Snaketown Phase Soho Phase Sweetwater Phase

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.618; min lat: 32.923 ; max long: -111.425; max lat: 33.111 ;

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Delivery Order No.(s): 3-PD-32-0182-011 and -013

Contract No.(s): 1425-2-C5-32-01820

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